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There have been some questions and concerns regarding the eMINTS SEED Program that Camdenton Middle School was awarded a grant for in 2019. Let’s address some misinformation.

As educators, we are always looking to the business community both locally and worldwide to find out what qualities or skills are critical for students to become successful leaders that can positively contribute to their own communities in the 21st Century. Because of the feedback we have continued to receive, educators have shifted our approach in teaching to help empower and equip our students with the necessary skills of critical thinking, problem solving, collaborating and using technology to bring about growth and positive change.

Because of the eMINTS SEED Grant, our middle school students and teachers have access to individual chromebooks, TEN 3-D Printers, science probeware and sensors for research, GPS technologies and mapping software, green screens, video making software and other licenses for amazing programs teachers can use with their students. Aside from providing teachers with technology, eMINTS focuses on training teachers to help students build empathy, build collaboration skills and work with the community both inside and outside the walls of the school building. Teachers are trained in helping students to develop the skills and confidence to solve authentic problems and to think critically through the process. No instructional coaches or teachers are being paid to promote eMINTS, but we are paid for the time that we spend outside of our contracted school hours on training and professional development. 

Perhaps one of the best examples of how students and the community have and will benefit from the eMINTS Program is when our very own Camdenton FIRST LASER 3284 Robotics Teams were able to utilize the 3-D Printers provided through eMINTS to create face shields for so many of our community heroes during the pandemic!

While district patrons are always encouraged to ask questions and voice concerns, it is important that we direct inquiries and feedback to those who have educational training, degrees and experience.  Not only are the administrators of the district most qualified to answer your questions, they are also dedicated to serving your students each and every day. 

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Camdenton Middle School Principal Mr. Matt Stacey:

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Some have expressed concern about the research and analysis of extant data with this grant. Please watch the informative video created by Michelle Kendrick, eMINTS Program Director, in conjunction with the American Institute of Research.