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Lisbeth Sandoval » CHS World Languages Department 2020-2021

CHS World Languages Department 2020-2021


Attendance is vital in all classes.  The complete CHS attendance policy is located in your student handbook. When you are absent, it is very important that you see your teacher as soon as possible for make-up work or notes. Be proactive! It is your responsibility to make sure you have what you need to be successful.

Classroom procedures:  Please check with individual instructors for specific classroom procedures. 

Homework/practice policy:  Homework is given to help students with the course objectives of  reading, writing, speaking and listening in the target language. Homework/practice is expected to be turned in prior to a unit exam and/or semester final.  If you are having trouble finishing or understanding your homework/practice, please talk with your instructor.  Help is available before/after school (by appointment) and academic lab (by appointment).

Late work policy: Work is expected to be turned in the next day unless otherwise stated. 20% will be deducted for late work.

What You Need for Class: Please be prepared for class.  Always bring your spiral notebook (college rule preferred) and notes, something with which to write (pencil, blue/black ink pens), colored pencils (12 sufficient), dry-erase markers, charged chromebook and your completed homework and a willingness to learn and practice! 

Teachers’ Philosophy:  Your Spanish teacher believes that knowing another culture and another language is important! She believes in students and wants to give students every opportunity to be successful. She believes that knowing another language involves speaking, listening, reading and writing. She believes in working together to create meaningful lessons, assignments and tests that will challenge and prepare students for the global community. She believes that having fun while learning is valuable and that students who try will succeed!

About me: I graduated from California High School and received my bachelor’s in Spanish and Print Journalism from Missouri State University. I also received a masters in Arts of Teaching from Missouri State University. In 2016, I received an IB certification. This will be my fifth year teaching at Camdenton High School. I am a native speaker of Spanish and am excited to impart my love of Spanish language and culture with my students!
Contact information:
Ext: 3329