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Mask Policies

Our district is incredibly pleased with the recent participation from our students and staff in “Masks on the Move.” Because of the increased efforts to stay in compliance with our policy, our total number of staff members testing positive for COVID have gone down and our number of students and staff required to quarantine have been significantly reduced since we stepped up our enforcement in November following the governors announcement of the change in quarantine guidelines for schools.  In fact, as of last Friday, December 18th, the total number of students quarantined was down to only 36 out of our student population of nearly 4,000.


Quarantine Numbers



In our continued effort to keep our school buildings open and provide our students in-seat learning during a global pandemic, we are constantly working to determine what is best for ALL of our students and for our school staff. We have relied on research data, professional advice from area medical experts and our local health department, as well as the opinions and desires of our school staff and members of the community. While it is impossible to honor the wishes of everyone, the district has followed the board policy of “Masks on the Move,” and implemented this policy with the following measures:



It is important that our patrons fully understand the efforts being made by our district leaders and staff to keep us all safe. We also want to be clear that we are adhering to all laws and policies. Camdenton School District continues to follow all state statutes, all rules and procedures of the Missouri State Board of Education, the guidelines of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, and the board adopted policies and procedures of our school district. 

We know how much our patrons value transparency and clarity. Below you will see several references to our board policies that reflect the district’s compliance in the passage and implementation of the “Masks on the Move” policy:

As referenced in Policy BBA: School Board Powers and Duties, “the board is responsible for the development of policies, rules and procedures to serve as guidelines for the general management and administrative actions of the district.” As referenced in Policy CB: School Superintendent, “the superintendent may also give directives for the management of the school district to employees and students on points not covered by the adopted Board policies and regulations...While the Board may wish to periodically review these procedures, the administration has the authority to make modifications to procedures without Board approval.” Finally, as referenced in Policy CF: School Building Administration, “within the framework of Board policies and the general rules and procedures established by the superintendent, the principal or director may implement and enforce additional procedures as deemed advisable for efficient operation of the school.”

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation during this unprecedented time in our lives.