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Bus Pass Procedures

Bus Pass Procedure / Student Stops




Dear Parent/Guardian of a Camdenton R-III Students,


As part of our on-going focus on safety and security, the Camdenton R-III School District will continue the new safety procedure that started in the 2016-2017 school year. Parent/Legal Guardian will be allowed to arrange a primary residential bus stop only. In the event there is a joint custody situation, an added address should be given to your respective school, along with a schedule. If your student/s regularly attends a daycare, that particular day care may be used as their primary stop. Students are to ride ONLY the bus to which they are assigned. EXCEPTION: Students may receive a Bus Pass to ride a different bus ONLY in an emergency (hospitalization, death in family, severe illness). If one of these situations occurs, the below policy will take effect.


At the end of each school day we are loading approximately 3,000 students for their bus ride home. This task can be a difficult one when requests to remove students come late in the day. In an effort to safely and efficiently deliver students to their respective destinations, we have established 2:00PM (1:00pm on Fridays) as the deadline in which we will accept requests from parents or guardians who are wishing to make a bus change for that day. 


Please notify your student’s respective school office before 2:00pm (1:00pm on Fridays), so that we may have time to make changes. Contacting any of the school offices after 2:00pm (1:00pm on Fridays) with a bus change request for that afternoon will be denied, and you will again be informed of this procedure.


We hope you understand the problems and the steps we are taking to solve by ensuring that we get all students loaded and on their way home in a safe and timely manner. As always, thank you for your cooperation in helping to make Camdenton R-III Schools the best it can possibly be!


Thank you for the cooperation in this matter


Tony Hatfield

Transportation Director

Camdenton R-III School District