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Shae Hymes » Algebra 1 Syllabus

Algebra 1 Syllabus

 Algebra I

Program Syllabus 2020-2021

Camdenton High School

Contact Information: Shae Hymes, 573-346-9232 (ext. 3311); [email protected]

Office Hours:   Before and after school, or by appointment.  Conference and Planning - Period 4

Course Rationale: Algebra I curriculum is designed to develop algebra skills with functions, linear relationships, simplifying expressions, solving equations, solving systems of equations, representing sequences, modeling two-variable data, representing quadratic functions, solving quadratic equations, and transforming functions and representing statistical data.  Topics will be introduced in a variety of methods, including self-discovery, technology integrated, group projects and presentations, as well as teacher led class discussions. Algebra I is a foundation of mathematics for students to be successful in future math courses.  The content of this course is also important for students’ success for careers and colleges.

Assessments/Evaluation:  Students can earn one Mathematics credit. A student’s grade is determined by a combination of classwork, assessments, instructor observations, and projects.

Students' grades will be calculated as an average of total points earned divided by total points assigned. Student work will fall into three categories in SIS-K12.

  • Coursework (CSW) will consist of Review & Preview assignments, Learning Logs, lesson closures, and any other tasks assigned in class. These may be worth 5-10 points each.
  • Homework (HWK), will consist of online Delta Math problem sets assigned over the course of several weeks. These problem sets may be worth 25-50 points each.
  • Tests and Projects (TPJ) will consist of quizzes, tests, and/or project based assessments. These may be worth 25-100 points each."

A link to SIS-K12 has been provided on the district webpage --   

Canvas:  Canvas is a learning management system students will use at CHS. Teachers choose to use Canvas according to his/her instructional style. Some teachers only warehouse resources there, while others choose to assign and grade activities within the platform. To view official grades, students and guardians still need to access the SISK12/Tyler Parent Portal account. Setting up access to Canvas allows guardians to observe the activities within the student’s enrolled courses.   Please refer to the Canvas instructions on how to sign up as an observer.  A link to the Canvas has been provided here:

Grading Periods:  

Progress 1

Ends September 25

Progress 3

Ends February 5

Quarter 1

Ends October 20

Quarter 3

Ends March 11

Progress 2

Ends November 20

Progress 4

Ends April 16

Semester 1

Ends December 22

Semester 2

Ends May 21

Grading Scale:   Total points accumulated from all assignments will be used to establish the semester grade.  


95% - 100%


80% - 82%


67% - 69%


90% - 94%


77% - 79%


63% - 66%


87% - 89%

73% - 76%


60% - 62%


83% - 86%


70% - 72%


59% and below

Classroom & Student Expectations:   

  1. Class begins when the tardy bell rings.  Report to class first.  Bathroom breaks are to be taken at the appropriate times (between classes or by teacher discretion).
  2. Show respect to all individuals in the classroom.
  3. Cell phones will not be used as a calculating device.  Cell phones can only be used with permission by the teacher.  
  4. Earbuds can only be used with permission by the teacher.  
  5. Come to class prepared to participate, assignments completed, supplies ready. Be ready to learn independently, with a partner and within teams.
  6. Assignments will receive full credit, according to directions or rubrics, on the due date. 
    1. Ask questions if you do not understand assignments.  You can come in before or after school if you are needing help.  
    2. Late assignments will receive partial credit unless there is a verified absence.  
    3. Assignments will not be accepted after the unit exam.
    4. If winter weather cancels school, assignments are due upon return to class.
  7. Food and drinks with lids are allowed with the instructor’s permission.  Spills or messes will need to be properly cleaned.
  8. Return all borrowed devices (calculators and computers) and supplies.  Always clean up after yourself. Other students may use your workspace during the day. Please be considerate.
  9. Students will be responsible for checking their grade and obtaining any missing assignments when absent in order to ensure that they are maintaining a passing grade.
  10. Remain seated until you are dismissed by the instructor. If you have to leave earlier, I will dismiss you at that time.                                                 
  11. FOLLOW all school rules as stated in the CHS HANDBOOK.

Use of Technology:   Students will have access to multiple technological devices, and all students and parent/guardian must sign the District’s User Agreement before access is given to the student.   It is the responsibility of student to secure their own personal devices.

Syllabus Verification 

I, ________________________________________, have received a copy of the 2020-2021 Algebra I

                (printed student name)

 syllabus, and have reviewed the syllabus.

__________________________________________ _______________________

(Student Signature) (Date)

___________________________________________ _______________________

(Parent/Guardian Signature) (Date)

  • Return this sheet after all signatures have been provided.  
  • I will be forwarding an electronic PDF copy of this document for your records.