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Listed below is a summary of Aflac policies offered through payroll deduction.  All Aflac policies are guaranteed renewable and rates will not change as long as you keep the policy in force.  All Aflac policies pay directly to you, not the hospital or doctor, to help with your out-of-pocket expenses.


Accident Plan Pays benefits in the event of an Accident on or off the job.  It pays for things like sprained ankles, stitches, broken bones to a major car accident.  It is great for kids in sports.

  • $120 benefit paid for seeking medical treatment within 72 hours of any accident
  • $25 benefit paid for each follow-up visit; 6 per accident
  • $1000 benefit paid for accidents requiring hospital admission plus $200/day thereafter
  • $1500 benefit paid for accidents requiring ICU confinement plus $600/day thereafter
  • $25 - $10,000 accident specific sum benefit paid based on the severity of the accident
  • Benefits paid for crutches, physical therapy, major diagnostic exams, blood/plasma, transportation, lodging, etc.
  • Ambulance benefit $150 ground, $1000 air
  • $60 Wellness benefit paid once annually

Cancer Protection AssurancePays in the event of Cancer diagnosis

  • Initial diagnosis benefit of $4000; $8000 child.
  • Benefits paid for travel and lodging so you can seek the best medical care possible.
  • Benefits paid for chemotherapy, radiation, experimental treatments, anti-nausea, reconstruction, etc.
  • Surgery benefits and skin cancer removals
  • Benefits paid for home health, hospice, nursing services
  • Kids are free up to age 26
  • $75 Wellness benefit paid once/person annually

Short Term Disability  – Pays in the event of Injury or Illness in which you are unable to work.  It is your paycheck protector.  It can be used for maternity.

  • Pays approximately 2/3 of salary
  • Pays benefit for up to 3 months
  • Pays everyday you miss due to an accident; pays 8th day and beyond due to illness


Hospital  – Pays in the event of Injury or Illness in which you are hospitalized.  It can be used for maternity.

  • Pays $1000-$2000 for hospital confinement
  • $100 Emergency Room
  • $100 Hospital Short Stay


Critical Care ProtectionPays in the event of Heart Attack & Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery, Stroke, End Stage Renal Failure, Major Human Organ Transplant, Major Third Degree Burns, Coma and so much more.

  • $7500 first occurrence benefit; $10,000 child
  • $3500 reoccurrence benefit
  • $300/day hospital confinement benefit
  • $125 per day continuing care benefit